Brigitte Paye

I live and work in Belgium but travel very often to Uganda.

In love with a Ugandan (David Ndawula) and his country for more than 15 years. This country is not so known in Belgium and for me, this represents a great advantage: no mass tourism and all the disadvantages associated with this. It offers an ideal climate, exceptional quality hotels, a welcoming population, 10 national parks and is home to 50% of the world’s population of mountain gorillas.I have long wanted to introduce this wonderful country to as many people who are passionate about Africa.It is now possible because we have finally met the ideal partners based in Uganda in the people of Samali and Amir. We are certain that their knowledge of the country, their rigorous nature and their pleasant company will allow you to live an unforgettable stay and make you want to come back as soon as possible.

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