Why Us

Why should I book with Afric Adict Safaris?

We are a team of highly experienced staff with broad knowledge of the history, people, culture and geography of Uganda. Afric Adict Safaris is dedicated to offer you an unforgettable and stress-free travel experience and we commit to the following five points:

  1. 100% Tailor Made. Our ultimate goal is to offer you a tailormade experience that fits exactly your needs. For your inspiration, we have listed a few typical tours on our website but we are happy to make any adjustments for you. You will always travel alone with one of our guides unless you opt in for other tourists to join in order to reduce your total cost of the trip.
  1. 100% Safe & Comfortable. Our tours are guided by qualified and experienced English-speaking driver-guides and all our vehicles are in top mechanical condition and always thoroughly checked before every trip. Everybody will always have a window seat unless of course you decide to travel in a larger group in one vehicle.
  1. 100% Best Price Guarantee. All services such as driver guide, permits, airport transfers, meals, accommodation and all activities are included. Unlike most other tour operators, we also offer free non-alcoholic beverages and seasonal fruits throughout the journey outside the hotel accommodation. Afric Adict Safaris strives to offer the best and most fair price in the region.
  1. 100% Transparency. Since almost all our clients book from abroad we very much understand the importance and value of sharing all information regarding any aspect of your trip in advance and as detailed as possible. Every client will receive an information pack with a detailed itinerary, scanned vouchers, map route, driver guide profile, accommodation details and any other information that will help you to prepare the trip of your lifetime.
  1. 3% of our Income Donated. Afric Adict Safaris firmly believes that with passion for travel naturally comes the co-responsibility of its environments. Therefore, we commit to donate 3% of our yearly profits to support the protection of Uganda’s gorillas, to preserve the traditional culture of the Forest People or to help rural communities to transition from gorilla poaching to new professions. All our clients may of course choose what cause their part should be donated to.


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