100% Tailor Made?
Our ultimate goal is to offer you a tailor made experience that fits exactly your needs. For your inspiration we have listed a few typical tours on our website but we are happy to make any adjustments for you.
100% Safe & Comfortable.
Our tours are guided by qualified and experienced English, Spanish, French and German speaking driver-guides. We choose your guide according to the language you understand. All our vehicles are in top mechanical condition and always thoroughly checked before every trip. Everybody will always have a window seat unless of course you decide to travel in a larger group of people more than four in one vehicle.
100% Best Price Guarantee.
All services such as driver guide, permits, airport transfers, meals, accommodation and all activities are included. Unlike most other tour operators, we also offer free non-alcoholic beverages and seasonal fruits throughout the whole journey outside the hotel accommodation. Despite all mentioned above, Afric Adict Safaris strives to offer the best and fairest price compared to other operators in tourism industry.
100% Transparency
. Since almost all our customers book from abroad we very much understand the importance and value of sharing all information regarding any aspect of your trip in advance and as detailed as possible. Every customer will receive an information pack with a detailed itinerary, scanned vouchers, map route, driver guide profile, accommodation details and any other information that will help you to prepare for your trip of your lifetime.
10% of our Income Donated.
Afric Adict Safaris firmly believes that with passion for travel naturally comes the co-responsibility of its environments. This is why we commit to donate 10% of our yearly profits to support the protection of Uganda’s gorillas, to preserve the traditional culture of the Forest People or to help rural communities to transition from gorilla poaching to new professions. All our customers may of course choose what cause their part should be donated to.
What is included in the price?
All our packages include all services such as the driver guide, all tour activities, park entrance fees, airport transfers, all meals, accommodation, Gorilla permits, Chimpanzee permits as well as non-alcoholic drinks and seasonal fruits throughout the journey. Following things are not included: airline tickets, visa fees, tips and personal expenses.
Why are the prices so competitive despite 10% of profits being donated?
We are happy to work at 10% lower margins than other tour operators since we strongly believe that with our passion to share the beauty of Uganda with our customers comes also the responsibility to “give back” in order to ensure a sustainable Uganda with its amazing gorillas, flora, fauna and cultures.
Which organisations are the 10% donated to?
We support various local communities to help, for example, gorilla poachers learn a new profession, or we help local organisations for their work on building a sustainable existence for the indigenous Batwa tribes.
How many people will I travel with?
Afric Adic Safaris offers tailor made safaris for any number of participants and the bigger the group the more attractive the price will be. Generally, all clients always are alone but you may opt in for others to join your group to reduce your total cost of the trip. All trips are done with comfortable jeeps offering seats for four to six people, or with 4WD minibuses that can take a maximum of eight people. We always make sure that all people have a window seat unless of course you prefer travelling in a large private group within only one vehicle to optimize cost.
Will my guide speak the language I understand?
Our tours are guided by qualified and experienced English, French, Spanish and German language speakers. You tell us the language you understand; we choose the guide who is fit to be with you during your tour.
How much money shall I bring?
All food and beverages are included in our packages but you may want to bring along some money for additional local souvenirs, tips and possibly other activities you may decide to do. Our customers usually get along with between 10 and 50 USD per person/day. We strongly recommend to bring USD which can be used as currency across Uganda, or withdraw Ugandan Schillings at an airport cash machine since in the country side credit cards are not widely accepted and cash machines might sometimes be out of service.
What clothes shall I bring?
This depends by season and tour destination and we will individually give you advice before your trip.
I opted in for more travelers and last minute someone will join, do I get a refund even if I paid already?
Yes. If more travelers will join your group in the last minute, we will refund you back the difference of respective group prices.
How can I pay and what are the conditions?
Once you have confirmed the final itinerary we would request a 20% deposit. Please note that gorilla permits must be paid in full at the time of booking. As soon as we receive your payment we will be able to provide you a 100% guaranteed reservation of all activities, accommodation and gorilla permits. The remaining 80% should be settled latest 7 days before the start of your adventure. We accept payment by VISA, Mastercard, American Express or bank transfer in either USD or EUR to our bank account in Uganda. For credit cards there is an additional service charge of 3.5%, and for bank transfer all charges must be at the expense of the client.
How far in advance should I book?
This really depends on the activity and season but for gorilla Permits must be booked as early as possible especially during tourists’ peak season which begins in June and ends in September, and the second peak season begins in December and stretches up to February. Whereas in the low season such as March to May you can even get a permit only a week in advance.
What are your cancellation policies?
In general, we request a 20% prepayment of the total cost (exclude gorilla permits which needs to be paid in full), which can be reimbursed in case of cancellation until 14 days prior the adventure’s starting date. Between 7 and 14 days prior start we would refund you half of your prepayment. Cancellations less than 7 days prior departure will not be refundable however if you need to change the dates within 4 weeks we will try our very best to accommodate your request. Please note that gorilla permits cannot be refunded nor changed.

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