Terms and Conditions


Dear client, kindly read the following terms and conditions. They are the basis upon which we transact with you. By booking and confirming a trip with us, we take it for granted that you read, understood, and accepted our terms and conditions.

1.1 We provide transport, Air tickets, visas, accommodation, restaurant meals, excursions, and any other related services, in close cooperation with other service providers.

1.2 All information appearing in client itineraries is provided to the best knowledge of Afric Adict Safaris. Consequently, the company will distance itself from altered information of whatever kind may be availed by third parties.

1.3 Any preference or special requests pertaining to, but not limited to medical needs, diet or physical disabilities should be brought to the attention of Afric Adict Safaris prior to confirming a tour.

1.4 For flights, hotel bookings, and gorilla permits, it is a prerequisite for clients to provide; full names, nationality, and passport numbers as they appear in the passport.

1.5 The client has a right to make changes in the reservation. To that end, Afric Adict Safaris may deem it fit to charge a fee relative to the inconvenience arising out of such changes. The surcharge will be reflected in the total amount on the invoice.

1.6 In order to avoid disappointments, it’s advisable to make a reservation way in advance of your planned trip since the tour facilities (lodges, vehicles, and hotels) at the disposal of Afric Adict Safaris are of a finite nature.

1.7 In the event of unforeseen circumstances, Afric Adict Safaris reserves the right to adjust or alter the tour schedule relating to transportation, accommodation, or any other service in the itinerary. This shall be done before arrival and such changes will be communicated to the client as soon as possible.

2.1 Whereas we make good on our promise of taking you to the natural habitat of wildlife, we can’t guarantee the actual viewing of the game, since it’s an occurrence over the company has no control. Clients are strongly advised to follow instructions given by a tour guide or game ranger.

2.2 A gorilla or chimpanzee permit allows clients to track gorillas or chimpanzees but should not be perceived to imply, primates will literally be found busking in the open.

2.3 Where a designated hotel is no longer available, Afric Adict Safaris reserves the right to find an equivalent or a superior hotel. In the event of the latter case, an extra charge may apply.

2.4 Accommodation may come in form of a single, twin, or double bedded room, tent, or banda, preferably with a private bathroom where possible.

2.5 Transportation will be dependent on the number of clients and the route taken will be based on the specifications of the chosen itinerary.

2.6 Afric Adict Safaris has the mandate to cancel or alter any route where security concerns have been sighted, road closures affected, bad weather conditions reported, or any other unforeseen eventuality. Be as it may, a further effort will be made to ensure alternative arrangements are put in place depending on circumstances.

2.7 Where necessary, the company may seek the services of a sub-contractor to carry out a partial or a complete package of the agreed services. Such work methods will be brought to the immediate attention of the client.

2.8 Afric Adict Safaris shall without prior notice deny any client the right to proceed with the tour if it’s discovered by the company or the authorities that the person is a menace to third parties, property, ecosystems, the state or the environment. In such a case, no refund will be made and Afric Adict Safaris will not be held liable for expenses incurred as a result of the termination.

3.1 The prices quoted for the various safaris in each itinerary include services like accommodation fees in hotels, guesthouses, tents and lodges, meals as indicated, sightseeing as detailed in the itinerary, park entrance fees, ranger fees, airport transfers if applicable, ground transportation, English speaking driver/guide, seasonal fruits and mineral water provided in the vehicle all the time.

3.2 Prices appearing on the website are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed until confirmed in writing.

3.3 Afric Adict Safaris will not cover the following expenses: international and domestic fares (Unless it is organized by Afric Adict Safaris), Visa and passports, meals not indicated in the itinerary, drinks other than the mineral water and seasonal fruits provided in the vehicle, provision for tips of whatever nature, laundry, travel insurance and any other expense of a personal nature.

3.3 Due to fluctuations arising out of the exchange rate or the cost of any relevant item, Afric Adict Safaris may effect changes in its pricing, cognizant of the fact that it remains within the interest of the company to minimize the changes as it can possibly be.

4.1 Tours will be booked and confirmed after the company has received 20% as a commitment fee off the total amount required for the trip.

4.2 The balance is to be cleared not later than 7 days prior to the safari unless agreed differently.

4.3 Bookings made within 60 days before arrival must be paid for in full at the time of confirmation.

4.4 In the event that payment is not received in accordance with the above conditions, Afric Adict Safaris has the right to decline the booking.

4.5 Means of payment can be made by Visa credit card, bank transfer, or cash before the onset of the safari. Every Visa credit payment attracts a 3.5% service charge directly borne by the client. Clients with credit cards must transact at least 45 days before the commencement of the trip. We don’t accept travelers cheques.

5.1 All cancellations must be in writing and will be effected on the date of their actual receipt by Afric Adict Safaris.

5.2 Once a gorilla or chimpanzee permit has been paid for and the client fails to travel, there will be no refund whatsoever. The peak season for gorilla permits runs from July to December. During this time, booking should be done within five months before the commencement of the trip. January to June is considered off-peak, permits can be booked a week in advance.

5.3 If a client cancels a trip within a space of 7 to 14 days before the commencement of the tour, a refund equivalent to half of the original prepayment (20%) shall be refunded.

5.4 There shall be no refund for cancellations made less than 7 days to onset of trip.

6.1 While in the service of its clients, Afric Adict Safaris may engage other service providers whom it believes are professional and good at what they do. That said, Afric Adict will not be held liable for any of the supplier’s errors and omissions, of which it has no direct control.

6.2 Any loss or damage of whatever kind will not in any way be counted on Afric Adict.

6.3 Afric Adict will not be liable for loss or damage arising out of a divine nature, like floods, earth quakes, landslides or human acts like thefts, demonstrations, border closures, industrial action, riots, or any other adverse occurrences of a technical or mechanical kind. Accordingly, there will be no compensation given.

6.4 It is not the responsibility of Afric Adict to remind travelers of their travel obligations, like being in possession of appropriate travel documents; passports, Visas, travel permits, health certificates etc. This essentially remains the role of the travel agency.

6.5 Travelers are expected to carry out medical tests or seek advice of the same regarding their health.

6.6 Incase Afric Adict Safaris breaches any of the conditions it agreed upon with the client as to warrant legal action, redress can be sought in courts of law of the land, of which the company is an enduring abider.

6.7 Vehicles will be in a roadworthy condition. However, no liability shall be accepted, arising out of a puncture, breakdown, damage or delay as a result of poor road conditions.
Complaints: Whereas Afric Adict Safaris will strive to render the best possible service, its likely, this may not totally be achieved to the required standards, depending on individual expectations. As a matter of fact, dissatisfaction and frustration may arise. Clients are therefore encouraged to rise any matter of concern to the representative of our company or that of the service provider. This is aimed at either resolving the matter or improving on the quality of service. If the problem is not solved promptly, the client is requested to lodge a written complaint within 30 days after completing the tour. As a company, we are receptive to constructive criticism and suggestions which we strongly believe are a cornerstone of exemplary service.
We appreciate the time and effort you took to internalize our terms and conditions. In case of any clarification, please don’t hesitant to contact us on Hotline +256 782 580 175 or Office line +256 414 670 350. Your happy stay with us remains our top priority.

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