About Uganda

About Uganda



The Republic of Uganda, fondly known as the Pearl of Africa is a beautiful Savanna country found in Eastern Africa. She is a landlocked country that borders Kenya to the east, Rwanda to the southwest, Tanzania to the south, South Sudan to the north, and The Democratic Republic of Congo to the west. The Pearl of Africa is endowed with biodiversity and beautiful landscape ranging from the mountains such as the breathtaking snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains, endless stretches of grassland, forests, and vegetation, rolling plains, hills, the great rift valley, and water bodies like Lake Victoria (the largest lake in Africa) and River Nile (the longest river in Africa). Uganda is also endowed with abundant wildlife including the rare endangered Mountain Gorillas and the big 5 (lions, African buffalos, African elephants, rhinoceros, and leopards), and a wide variety of bird species including the endangered lammergeyers. Uganda is crossed by the Equator (an imaginary line around the middle of a planet). It is halfway between the North Pole and the South Pole, at 0-degree latitude. The Equator can be seen in the three districts of Kayabwe, Mpigi, and Kasese.

Area size, longitude and latitude

Uganda covers an area of 241,038 square kilometers (93,065 square miles). Uganda has a latitude of 1.3733°
N, and a longitude of 32.2903° E. This gives it adequate sunshine all through the year.

Weather seasons

Uganda has beautiful weather all year round. It is a mostly warm country with two seasons; rainy season and dry season. It has a constant supply of rain, hence the beautiful green coverage.

Population of Uganda

Uganda has a population of approximately 47 million people. This comprises 56 tribes and 9 indigenous communities formally recognized with 41 living languages and a diversity of cultures. The people of Uganda are famous for their hospitality and peaceful nature making it very easy to visit or live among the communities. As a result, there are several nationalities from all over the World visiting, working and living in Uganda.