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Visa and flights.

We advise that before taking that flight, you purchase a visa from the Ugandan Embassy or consulate in your home country. If for whatever reason you omit this important step, you must remember to purchase a visa upon landing at Entebbe International Airport or any other point of entry. This will ensure that you won’t have any unsorted issues with our immigration department. It will be our responsibility to pick you from the Airport.

Medium of communication.

English is the official language. You will find it being spoken right from the arrival lounge at the Airport, to the bank counter and hotel reception. More so it is the very language used by our tour guides.

Medium of exchange

The type of currency used in Uganda is the Uganda Shilling. It will therefore be convenient for you to travel with either pounds sterling, US Dollars or Euros and have your money exchanged at the Airport through a commercial bank or forex bureau of your choice. Although ATM machines are readily available, they may prove unreliable depending on the type of ATM card you are carrying. Because of cheque frauds, traveler’s cheques are no longer popular. You might find it rather hard to redeem your cheques just in case you came along with any.

Medical precautions

Because it lies within the tropics, Uganda is prone to Malaria fever. The disease is acquired through a mosquito bite and if not treated, may turn out fatal. We therefore advise that you sleep under a mosquito net provided by the hotel. Alternatively you may prefer to come with a protective gear of your choice.

The weather

It varies from hot /dry to cold/ rainy depending on seasonal patterns. Which means it would be wise for you to pack light clothing for the humid afternoons and mid mornings, and simple sweaters for the early mornings. No need for the heavy winter jackets for you will ever experience winter here. Covered shoes are a must for any nature walk or gorilla tracking or else you risk tripping your toe against one of those sharp cobbles on the rough footpath.

The rains start falling beginning with March, until April, then, there is a lull and resumption in October and November. However, this should not deter your travel plans for you can be able to come any time of the year, the conditions mentioned above not withstanding. If you can, remember to come along with a rain coat, a pair of binoculars and a camera to capture those everlasting memories.

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