Sitting on the shores of Lake Albert, it was once known as Kabalega National Park after the king of Bunyoro Kingdom. Murchison falls national park is located the northwestern Uganda seated on 3,840km2 deriving its name from the geologist Roderick Murchison the president of the Royal Geographic society. Sir Samuel baker was the first European to see the fall in 1864 hence lending its name to the Murchison Falls national park.

It was the first national parks in Uganda to be gazette in 1926 with 76 mammal species like Jackson Hartebeests, elephants, hippos, lions, Antelopes, chimpanzees, giraffes, lots of birds, oribi and 451 bird species including shoebill stock, great blue turaco, goliath heron, dwarf kingfisher to mention but a few, a home to the largest number of crocodiles.

Home of the magnificent Murchison falls that pour out of the Victoria Nile River. The roaring falls fight through the narrow devil’s cauldron with an 8meters drop causing a superlative cloudy sight of the angry Nile with beautiful rainbow strips all through the year.

Notable visitors include Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, several British royals to mention but a few.

Incredible sites include Budongo forest home of the chimpanzees, the karuma and Bugungu Reserves, kaniyopabidi forest.


  • Games drives
  • Boat rides
  • Sport
  • fishing
  • Top of the falls hike
  • Chimpanzee trekking
  • Bird watching
  • Forest walk
  • Nature walk
  • Community visits
  • Fishing adventures

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