A legend is told of the two Bahima brothers Kigarama and Mburo from the Chwezi dynasty. Kigarama had a dream that their area was going to be flooded and they would loose all their livestock. Upon waking up, Kigarama shared his dream with his brother Mburo who brushed it off and didn’t take him seriously. The Bahima, due to its impressive Savanna grassland and beautiful landscape knew this area as Kaaro Karungi. The bahima and the king met here while they grazed and it was a beautiful site of the majestic and graceful herds of the long horned cattle grazing. Kigarama decided to treat the dream as a warning because in African tradition, dreams were viewed as warning from their Chwezi gods. He left the low- lands for the craggy hill running for safety for his cattle.

Unfortunately, the dream came to pass and the low landed flooded swallowing Mburo, cattle and his property in the lake that resulted from the floods. And that’s how the name Mburo came to play. The hill being named after Kigarama and the Lake after his brother Mburo.

Located along Mbarara- Masaka High way in Kiruhura District, Lake Mburo National Park is the smallest national park seated on 370Km2 in Western Uganda. It got its status in 1983 becoming a National Park that resulted from being a controlled hunting area to a reserve then a full national park.

It’s a home for over 60 mammal species including Zebras, Elands, Giraffes, topis, buffalos, impalas, lots of birds, hippos, crocodiles to mention but a few and over 315 species of birds species including flame head Barbet, Long-tailed Zitting Cisticola (Tabora), White backed Night Heroin, Red faced barbet, Cocqui Francolyn, Red billed Wood Hoopoe, Emarald spotted wood dove, papyrus Gonolek, Rufous bellied Heron, white winged warble among others.


  • Game drive
  • Boat ride
  • Nature walk
  • Horseback riding
  • Cultural visits
  • Nature game walk
  • Hiking

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