Made a hunting reserve by the Kabaka of Buganda it was known for the antelopes especially the impala naming it Akasozi ke’mpala meaning the Hills of Impala and the British adopted the name out that the city grew up from the hills of the Kampala. Being the 13th fastest growing city in the world, ranked by Mercer, a global development-consulting agency based in New York.

Watch out for among the seven hills of Kampala, The Ugandan Museum, Gadhafi mosque, cathedrals, the Kasubi tombs, the Uganda Martyrs Shrine, the Bahai temple, and Kabaka’s lake to mention but a few.



  • City tours
  • Boat rides
  • Night life
  • Community visit
  • Slum experience
  • Craft village (shopping)
  • Boda Boda tours
  • Culture experience
  • Behind the scenes experience
  • Mabamba birding tours
  • Traditional dance experience
  • Uganda equator tours
  • Rhino trekking
  • Water safari
  • Fishing safari

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