At the Kidepo valley National park, the savannah unfolds endlessly, with huge tracts of grassland winding into the horizon. It is here where the encompassing aridity bares witness to the struggle for survival the beasts have to put up with. It’s a territory of the big cats, where the lion, leopard and cheetah are at liberty to roam. In Kidepo, tourists also get chances upon rare species of birds like the ostrich and other outstanding birds of prey. Kidepo valley national park is found in the northeastern Uganda in Karamoja on Uganda’s border with Sudan and Kenya. Its wildlife and scenic beauty makes it one of the most spectacular parks in Uganda. At the age of 50, this park has greatly improved and it is considered as one of the wildest original African park, offering a wonderful game viewing and nature. Seated on 1,443Km2, Kidepo is home to over 77 mammal species and over 475 bird species and ranked Africa’s finest Wildernesses.



  • Game drives
  • Birding
  • Hiking/Nature walks
  • Cultural Encounters

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